Meet Glenda!

Posted by katie on October 4, 2018

In the first series of meet the staff, we meet Glenda! Apart from Olly and Emma, Glenda is the longest standing member of staff at Mountain Mavericks. This winter will be Glenda’s 10th year anniversary with the company. Continue reading

Growth, Changes & Development Coming to Morzine Avoriaz

Posted by katie on September 14, 2018

One of the many things we love about Morzine Avoriaz is that it is forever changing, growing and evolving. Each winter season we have new and exciting bars, restaurants and activities opening. We’re extremely lucky that we live somewhere that will always have skiing, snowboarding, biking and adventure at its core but a town that is constantly moving with the... Continue reading

Reflecting back on Summer 2018

Posted by katie on September 13, 2018

As September arrives in Morzine and the lifts close on what has been one of the best mountain bike seasons to date it’s given us an opportunity to reflect upon everything that made it so good. Continue reading

After a busy year we make some changes and refocus on why we started the company.

Posted by katie on September 13, 2018

If you have been to visit or have followed us for at least a couple of years you may have noticed that we as a company have expanded a whole lot over in the last two years. That was as much by accident than design, as unmissable opportunities came our way.   Continue reading

Weather Predictions Coming In For Winter 2018/19!

Posted by katie on September 13, 2018

Now is about the time of year that predictions for the coming winters’ weather start to show up and we can begin to get a picture of what we might be receiving this year. Continue reading

Taking a moment...

Posted by katie on September 13, 2018

After a meeting at Chalet Chambertin, we were stood out the back next to the hot tub, just chatting. Nestled within Vallee De La Manche, with views of Col de Cou and Nyon, it was impossible not to take a moment. Continue reading

There are many more reasons than a white Christmas to come to Morzine for the festive season.

Posted by katie on August 29, 2018

Now that Autumn is here, the next event on the horizon is the start of winter and the festive season. 8 good reasons to be here for both. Continue reading