Flying from Southampton, great parking at East Midlands and take a bigger bag.

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on November 19, 2017

New Easyjet service from Southampton and bigger baggage allowance. Parking recommendation at East Midlands. Continue reading

Black Friday Deal

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on November 19, 2017

If you can’t beat them, join them We are not really ones for the forced sale and we definitely prefer things to be white, but we also know how good folk like a deal, especially on this coming Friday. So to jump on the band wagon we have one hell of a cheapie. £4.99 per person per night In either of our... Continue reading

The Snowboard Rental Quiver

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on November 12, 2017

This winter we continue our friendship with Rome Snowboards. They’ve been making some of the worlds best boards for 18 years, and through that time never lost their core belief that got them into making boards in the first place. Snowboarding is fun. The choice of rental boards in resorts these days, although much improved, is still pretty limited. There... Continue reading

Whats our weather is going to do this winter.

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on November 12, 2017

It’s that time of year again, where every skier and snowboarder is wondering what the snows going to do this winter. Following a couple of years of quite frankly crap snow fall in Europe, that question is more pertinent than ever. I have now spent long enough in the mountains (25 years) to have some appreciation of natures’ cyclical rhythms. I... Continue reading

Early Bird liftpass offer

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on November 12, 2017

Maybe you can't buy happiness, but you can buy a liftpass. As I type snow is falling, some of our crew got to the top of the Arare on their own two feet and rode back down. Which can only mean, winter is not only coming it has arrived. We are getting booked up nicely and looking forward too seeing you all again. As that time draws... Continue reading

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