5 reasons to enjoy a solo shred

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on March 14, 2017

Everyone knows the saying "no friends on a powder day" but in reality sharing a shred with your pals usually means having people to bounce your energy off, great chairlift chat and not feeling stupid when you whoop with exhilaration as you boost if down the piste or send it in the park!

However, we believe the solo shred is massively underrated. Sometimes out of necessity and sometimes out of choice, there's something awesome about getting out there and enjoying the mountain on your own terms and no one else's. Check out our top 5 reasons for being stoked on a solo shred on your skis or snowboard:

1. Go at your own pace

We all have those friends that take a little longer to get down the mountain. There's nothing wrong with it, and everyone should go at their own pace, but there's nothing more frustrating when you're really hyped on riding and want to boost around. The solo shred means you can send it as quickly as you like, or jib around on the sides and improve your technique without holding anyone else up. Winning!

2. Quicker laps 

There's nothing more frustrating than spending hours of your day on the mountain stuck in chairlift queues. We know chairlift chats are one of the highlights of ski holidays - catching up on the previous nights events and getting deep about life - but trying to get your group of 5 all on the same lift can really slow things down. When you're out solo shredding you can nip down the side of the queue and take up one of the inevitable spaces on the end resulting in quicker laps and more ski time!

3. Chairlift chats

Apart from quicker laps, riding the chairs and godolas alone can lead to some interesting and funny chats with strangers, and sometimes is a great way to meet people around resort. Whether you have a quick chat about the weather or end up making a friend for a days riding or a pint at the end of the day, riding alone definitely makes you more open to meeting new people. 

4. Listen to music

Some people love the silence that comes with skiing and snowboarding; taking in the beauty of the mountains and feeling tranquil. Others enjoy a good tune to shred to. If you have music in your ears, it's generally considered anti-social and can be pretty annoying when you're trying to chat on the chairlift with your buddies.. not when you're on the solo shred! Just make sure you're not pumping it so loud that you can't hear anything else around you when you're skiing/snowboarding and that you stay aware of other people on the slopes as it can become pretty dangerous!

5. Clear your mind

It sounds clique, but spending time in the crisp mountain air without anything but your shred to focus on can be a great holistic escape. Stressed about work? Worrying about the kids? Get out on the hill and concentrate on your skiing/snowboarding technique or getting that new trick down, we can guarantee you'll feel better for it! Not to mention the endorphin rush you'll have for going out and using your legs!

So whether you're a different ability to the rest of your group or you're the only one that skis, don't be afraid to get out there and solo shred!

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