Mountain Mavericks at the London Ski & Snowboard Show

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on October 25, 2016

We're coming to London this weekend for The Telegraph London Ski & Snowboard Show! London! The home of Big Ben, Crowded Tubes and Buckingham Palace! Ahhhhhh, we love the... Continue reading

New Years in Style - Mountain Mavericks Morzine

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on October 14, 2016

New Year is an exceptional time of the year in Morzine. Ok we have to admit, we're slightly bias. However, we honestly don't think there is a better way to see in the New Year than spending it in the Alps with your family and... Continue reading

Did Danny MacAskill just produce the most original bike edit ever?

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on October 11, 2016

Creative riding in a perfect landscape. Danny MacAskill is a legend in the bike world. From creating his own unique trial bike style at a very young age, too capturing the internets attention through quirky videos and a cheeky smile, the Scot is is always pushing boundaries. He has once again created something which is awe-inspiring from start to finish and it's a must watch. The Scotish landscape isn't to bad... Continue reading

Le Cottage interseason food menu - October

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on October 7, 2016

Le Cottage: Open for food and drink from Friday - Sunday in interseason.  The Mountain Mavericks team are opening Le Cottage for some interseason fun every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Interseason. Have a look at this weekends menu! Friday = Pie Evening - Friday 21st October. Come and grab a selection of meaty, veggie and vegan pies served... Continue reading

Simple, Seven day training program for your ski holiday

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on September 27, 2016

Getting fit for winter. Mountain Mavericks ski training programme! Most non-skiers probably think that getting fit for your holiday seems ludicrous. Yes, skiing is a sport. And yes skiing is a popular holiday activity. These non-skiers think holidays are for lying around in the sun, getting a sun tan and drinking cocktails whilst doing nothing in a deck chair! Well if you're reading this -... Continue reading

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