5 Reasons to visit Morzine this winter. Mountain Mavericks Top Picks!

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on August 17, 2016

Winter oh winter! The time of year when the temperature drops, the nights become longer and the mornings feel as fresh as new bed sheets. Winter is our favourite time of the year in Morzine. The peaks get white, the town gets... Continue reading

Remember The Art of Flight? Well Red Bull Just Released The Fourth Phase!

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on August 16, 2016

Red Bull Media House release The Fourth Phase! Although it's blazing sunshine in Morzine with no snowfall to be seen, we get particularly excited for winter at this time of the year. Yes - it's still 3 months until the season starts, but August is when next winters ski & snowboard film trailers come out. And boy, this year is looking as impressive as ever! Morzine is slowly... Continue reading

Are you thinking about taking up ski touring this winter?

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on August 9, 2016

Ski touring has become extremely popular in recent years. Check out our guide to ski touring! Many of Morzine's locals will probably agree that there are two or three types of ski tourers. The first are the die hard alpinists... Continue reading

July Offer: Free Airport Transfers If You Book Before Sunday 31st July

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on July 20, 2016

Being organised has never paid off so much! It might be a heatwave outside, but at Mountain Mavericks HQ we're looking ahead to winter! To celebrate we have a one-off holiday... Continue reading

Will #Brexit Influence Your Holiday Choice? - Twitter has spoken!

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on July 4, 2016

Social Media & Brexit. We're LOVING Twitter at the moment.  Not that we ever stopped loving the 140 character continuous social media timeline. But it's no lie that Twitters daily active users have decreased over the past year, and a lot of people have... Continue reading

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