Avoriaz splitboarding in May!

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on May 11, 2015

There isn't a better fealing than earning those turns!! 

Avoriaz in May - Snowboarding w/Mountain Mavericks

Getting up early after a week or so after that fresh snow drop to find those runs which are completely untouched!

The only thing is that it becomes a little harder when it's May, it hasn't snowed for over a month, and the rain has washed the majority of the snow away! However we all know that snowboarding is addictive, and you have to scratch that itch and put a little more effort in to link those turns!!

Olly and Pierre got the splitboards out and went for a little hike to get the turns in. THE SEASON ISN'T OVER YET.... #bemoremountainmaverick


Hiking for snow in Avoriaz May 11 2015

Earn those turns!

Pierre hiking in Avoriaz in May 2015

Hike Hike Hike!

Avoriaz Splitboarding in May 2015

The View from the top in Avoriaz May 2015

The view from the top!