Backcountry Project Day 1 - See what we can do

Posted by Olly on March 11, 2013

It begins. The Mountain Mavericks Project - to get as much and as varied powder time as is possible in the Portes du Soleil with the added use of split boards. Not sure what a splitboard is look at our guide to splitboarding with The Guardian or this Jones Snowboarding splitboarding blog.

Was a bit grey and our guides wanted to see what we were capable of so we went about a nice tour of the chatel area managing not to use any pistes and get pretty far away from it all, with not a lot of hiking. scored the snow though and got to check out a number of routes that I have been aware of for years but not had somebody to show me the way.

Crew were stoked, great days riding especially considering the visability, but props to Olaf and Guilleme they know where to go and can't wait to see what they can take us to tomorrow as it's due to be bluebird.gettin' out of bounds

showin' how it's done

this is why local guides are worth their salt