Morzine Backcountry Project Day 2 - A step further

Posted by Olly on March 14, 2013

Oh what a morning, couldn't help but be excited even if we were just going for a wee normal shred.

Did a couple of groomers to top of Chaux des Rosses then split our boards for the first time. We had been riding them the day before and they rode well, but they are heavier than normal and as thus take a bit of effort to throw around, not that it distracted from the day, but comment had been made. However, skins on and heading upwards the advantages where huge and although the first ascent wasn't long, what would have taken a good half hour boot packing it, was covered in mere minutes. We were all thinking about a nice cosy coffee in a Mountain Mavericks Chalet by the fire at this point! 

The sight from the ridge at the top was magical. Small drop off a cornice on to a huge long open field of untouched powder and drop we did. Heinzy summed it up in one simple phrase "that was the best ride of my life", and the day has only just begun.

We then skinned up again and walked along the valley floor in glorious sunshine with no sight of man. A half hour easy plod (Guilleme did the trail blazing) got us up the side of Pointe de Chesery and ready to drop in again.

Next stop Col des Pisteurs. when we were informed as to our destination, not knowing it by name, I mentioned that I was under the impression that it was pretty steep down there, "no not really was the reply", It's all relative I guess.

Our group today are all pretty accomplished snowboarders, with seasons under some belts and some serious off piste experience under others. We all found the edge of our comfort zone coming down this couloir. It was amazing but scary, though the shoot out the bottom was fantastic and the combination of  exhilaration and relief was reflected in the grins across all our faces.

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a little bit harder than the chairlift, but.

worth it.

onward and upward

say no more

another powder shot

pushing boundries