After a busy year we make some changes and refocus on why we started the company.

Posted by katie on September 13, 2018

The fruits of a little local knowledge.

If you have been to visit or have followed us for at least a couple of years you may have noticed that we as a company have expanded a whole lot over in the last two years. That was as much by accident than design, as unmissable opportunities came our way.  

Those of you that are used to seeing Emma and I during your stay may have noticed we didn’t have much time to stay in any one place as the challenges of running seven properties dragged us about like the proverbial fly with a blue behind. 

As much as we have learnt a great deal from the experience, it certainly took us away from what we love about our business and why we got started with the chalets all those years ago. To meet and get to know lots of lovely people. You our guests. 

So this year we are right sizing the business and refocusing on our core values; Friendly and personal, helpful and tailored and caring of your experience (honest). 

What that means practically is that we have reduced down to only two hotels (The Aubergade and Kinkerne) and two chalet (Chambertin and Le Prele). Thus we still have range of options to offer, however less rooms means that we will (and are already) fill up quicker, but Emma and I are very much looking forward to seeing you all again.

Friends who ride together.....

MM regular and legend, Bill, wonders where Olly is taking him.