Morzine Parapenting is the perfect holiday activity

Posted by Rowena on April 18, 2014

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease…at least I did because I was
attached to the experienced parapenter who was doing all of the real work!

Paragliding or parapenting as they like to say in France, originated just down
the road from Morzine in Meiussy so as you can imagine it is a pretty popular
pastime around here. I was lucky enough to experience paragliding on a
beautiful, bright and sunny Sunday during the winter but summer is the time to really get involved in this fab activity.

I am not someone who is nonchalant when it comes to heights and so, was pretty
apprehensive when asked to jump off a mountain! Take off aside, I had no fear
once we had taken our running jump off of the Super Morzine Mountain and were in
the air floating above Morzine town.

Parapenting in Morzine with Mountain Mavericks and L'Aubergade Hotel
Everything looks so tiny on the ground below, as you would expect I suppose but
it felt as though my eyes had turned into a tilt shift camera and the buildings
streets, cars and people below were all tiny models of themselves.

Add to this, the awe-inspiring peace of flying so high above the commotion and
you have a calm and harmonious experience which I personally adored. Coming into
land on the grass behind our Hotel L’Aubergade was perhaps a little daunting –
it can feel as though the ground is rushing toward you rather than the other way
around. It was nothing more than a little bump on landing much to my delight as
I enjoyed the elation of having experienced a truly unique experience.

Of course what else could I follow that up with than a lunch on the L’Aubergade
terrace where I gabbled away to all and sundry about what a fantastic time I’d
had. If you are considering a parapente while on holiday in Morzine, my only
advice would be do not delay, get involved and book it up – you won’t regret it!