Meet our Mountain Mavericks resort chalet driver; Luke

Posted by Olly on February 9, 2015

Our beloved chalet driver Luke!

Our Mountain Mavericks resort driver

Hailing from the north of England, yet speaking with an extremely strong American accent, our man Luke might be the most jolly person in the Mountain Mavericks family!

Morzine powder snowboarding mountain mavericks

Let’s start with some reviews we have received in the past 2 weeks via email and TripAdvisor about the chap who loves the mountain and knows the Morzine roads better than anyone (apart from our transport manager; Glenda!)

“Your transport team were amazing, thank you for the ever present and responsive shuttle service – Luke and Glenda did whatever they could to get us as quick as they could”

“Thank you also to Luke who dropped and collected us whenever we wanted, and always with a smile!”

“The minibus service was top notch, a quick phone call after skiing and we were picked up without having to wait around in the snow for long”

Basically, we only get good reviews about Luke and Glenda and it’s service like this that we pride on to make your holiday stand above the rest! Luke is a dedicated chap and at the start of the season he set himself a task called the #100daysnowchallenge, where he tasked himself to get on the mountain riding with his snowboard for 100 days this season. He is reaching the 40 day mark soon, but follow his hashtag for some great updates!

Luke in powder snowboarding

We asked Mr. Luke a few questions after his day on the hill; meet the jolly giant here:

Hi Luke, if you were stuck in an airport bar with a celebrity who would it be? ‘Travis Pastrana – because it seems everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious and I’d love to see what his next venture is!’

What's your favourite colour Luke: ‘Hmmm decision. I'd say Red’

Favourite song: ‘Not possible, it has to be the whole Blink 182 album: Take off your pants and jacket!’

Favourite band: ‘Obviously Blink 182

Best slope to ride in Morzine: ‘The Prolaise area is amazing, although with this whole 100daysnowchallenge I’m discovering new areas the whole time, so it changed a lot. Happy to show people the best riding spots for the week on a piste map if anyone’s interested‘

Favourite cocktail: ‘To be honest I’m more of a coffee person, although I do like Amaretto sours’

Your best fact about yourself: ‘I’ve never lived in America, yet I have a strong American accent, even though I was born in Greece! Strange hey!’

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently and why? : “When the Planks Ski Team came to stay we accidently parked in a private car park and got locked in. Getting out was hilarious! It might have been a had to be there moment, but I still chuckle a little when I drive and drop people at the Prodain lift’

Mountain mavericks Avoriaz

In total, Luke is a great example of our little moto of ‘being more mountain maverick’ as he's always cherpy, always wanting to be on the mountain and for ever smiling! You’ll 100% meet Luke (and Glenda) during your stay with us in Morzine. Glenda and himself will be at your service and they always have a good story to tell! Remember to keep up to date with Lukes #100daysnowchallenge, AND SEE YOU SOON!