Parcours, Pony Rides and Frisbee Golf in the Park!

Posted by Olly on July 20, 2014

Taking a meander by the river in the Dereche can be incredibly relaxing and also very entertaining! 

The Dereche is the local park running all the way along the river from the swimming pool and Palais de Sports towards St Jean D'aulps, You can take a paddle in the gorgeous river, have a picnic and listen to the water streaming over the rocks or you can take part in the many activities based around the river!  Take a look at our top 13 tips for spending time down by the river!

1. Picnic and paddling - as mentioned above, the Dereche is a fantastic way to wile away a few hours exploring the river, paddling, relaxing and having a bite to eat.

Paddle in the river or just have a lovely picnic

2. Parcours Sportif - as you are strolling around the Dereche you may see some wooden structures nestling in the trees, this is the local 'health course' located around the river, there are handy signs and illustrations to help you figure out what you are meant to be doing on each thing, or you can just make it up!  This is Morzine's answer to an outdoor gym!

Sportif Morzine - Map

Woods Activities

3. Bike Ride - You can cycle all the way down to St Jean D'aulps along the river path and also the opposite way up the Vallee de la Manche!  It's a great way to spend the day, make sure you take plenty of water and suncream.  A light wet weather jacket might also be a good addition to the back pack for those unexpected summer storms!

Pathway in The Alps. Dereche

4. Walking - As with biking you can also walk the Dereche in same way!  All the way up to Vallee de la Manche and all the way down the St Jean D'aulps!

5. Indiana Parc - If you love to dangle from the trees and swing around like a monkey then Indiana Parc is the place for you!  Directly opposite the childrens playground and horse riding centre, you can get yourself a harness and enjoy an obstacle course in the trees.  There is a kids course and also a P'tit kid for the little ones to join in so there really is no excuse for anyone to sit it out!

P'tit Kids at Indiana Parc in Morzine!

6. Childrens playground - The kiddies playground in Morzine has lots of fun stuff for the children to do, slides and swings and all kinds of things and it's all free!  There is also some lovely picnic benches so you can relax under the trees whilst the kids enjoy the fun!

7.  Bee Hotel and Petting Park - There is a fantastic Bee hotel just after the main horse paddock and also a petting area!  There are generally some sheep and/or goats here so you can go in and say hello!  You can have a go at making your own Bee hotel using this handy guide!

It's no Hotel L'aubergade but even the Bees have a hotel in Morzine!

8. Pony Rides and horse trekking - There are pony rides every day!  You can simply take a pony for the children and lead it yourself or you can go on a trek with horses!  Lot's of possibilites with our equine friends!  Have a look at the Morzine Horse Riding School for more information.

Pony Rides Everyday in Morzine!

9. Frisbee Golf - Yes that's right, you can have a great round of Frisbee (disc) golf here in Morzine!  Just remember to bring your frisbee along with you, though we are sure you can get hold of one in and around Morzine if you forget!

Frisbee Golf Fun in Morzine!

10. Swimming Pool - There is also a fantastic swimming pool at the entrance of the Dereche!  You can get there on the fun train or there is free parking by the pool.  It's a brilliant complex, with an outdoor pool and 2 childrens pools.  There is a lovely grassed area and sun loungers a snack bar and water slide! If a summer storm rears it's head you can also use the indoor pool and spa area! 

The fantastic swimming pool complex in Morzine!

11. Tennis - There are several tennis courts in the Dereche and a little cafe you can wile away the hours in!  There are 9 courts in total and 2 walls.  It's a brilliant activity for everyone!

Tennis Courts in Morzine

12. Skate Park - There is a free open air skatepark for those sunny days.  The skate park includes 2 quarter pipes, a half pyramid funbox, various boxes and slide and kink slide rails.  There is also another skatepark in the offing at the moment in the same spot and plans are underway!  Exciting times!

Skate Park in Morzine!

13. Ice Skating - Normally a winter activity, not in Morzine!  We have the indoor ice skating rink at Palais de Sports where the famous Morzine-Avoriaz Penguins ice hockey team train and play, you can get your skates on, wrap up warm and glide around the rink!

Ice Skating in Morzine

As you can see there are so many summer activities to do in Morzine and beyond!  Remember we still have availability this summer at Hotel L'aubergade so please get in touch!