A day never to be forgotten | Mountain Mavericks

Posted by Olly on March 16, 2013

Waking in the mountains is great even just in resort. To look out of the window and already be at 2000mtrs in the middle of untouched alpine splendour on the dawn of a bluebird fresh powder day, that’s what dreams are made of. As soon as breakfast was done we suited up and headed out, legs a bit stiff from yesterday but fully powered by excitement. 2 hours up to the Point de Bostain, short break then headed down... Continue reading

Let the adventure begin

Posted by Olly on March 15, 2013

The plan today was to have a nice ride in the morning then saddle up and head of for a night in a refuge and get a good start on tomorrows tour. Pointe D'Angolon was our morning target, which is not too big a hike, but the first section is steep and despite... Continue reading

Morzine Backcountry Project Day 2 - A step further

Posted by Olly on March 14, 2013

Oh what a morning, couldn't help but be excited even if we were just going for a wee normal shred. Did a couple of groomers to top of Chaux des Rosses then split our boards for the first time. We had been riding them the... Continue reading

Backcountry Project Day 1 - See what we can do

Posted by Olly on March 11, 2013

It begins. The Mountain Mavericks Project - to get as much and as varied powder time as is possible in the Portes du Soleil with the added use of split boards. Not sure what a... Continue reading

Morzine and the snow

Posted by Emma on September 28, 2012

What snowfall can we hope to get this season in Morzine. Continue reading