The Snowboard Rental Quiver

Posted by Mountain Mavericks on November 12, 2017

This winter we continue our friendship with Rome Snowboards. They’ve been making some of the worlds best boards for 18 years, and through that time never lost their core belief that got them into making boards in the first place. Snowboarding is fun.

The choice of rental boards in resorts these days, although much improved, is still pretty limited. There is not much choice of decent brands, you generally only get a choice of ability level that adjusts with price and often a model that’s rental specific. There is so much more to snowboard design than either a beginner or expert board, and there are so many more different types of snowboarder than just beginners or experts.

The idea of having a quiver of snowboards is now more relevant than ever. Although boards have gotten so much better, that is is possible to find a model that can do everything, they cannot compete with models that are designed with more specific attributes when performing to their speciality. Powder boards in powder, a good carver on morning groomers, a jibber on rails or split boards.

What we offer with our Rome fleet is the opportunity to get access to a quiver of boards for your rental price. Change board each day if you wish, chat to us about what would best suit your riding style or adjust to the conditions.

At 20€ a day you can try them individually or 90€ for 6 days (board and bindings) and change as the week progresses.

If you are interested or would like to know about what the range of boards we have available, please get in touch with Olly at or 0033610833603.