Snow-Camp come to Morzine this Summer!

Posted by Olly on October 21, 2014

This summer I had the pleasure of spending an hour or so with 2 of the guys who have come through the ranks of Snow-Camp, the amazing youth charity bringing the snow to the kids of inner city London.

During winter 2014 we were really excited to be the official start and finish point for the Snow-Camp Alpine Challenge at Hotel L'aubergade, a real feat of endurance for all involved.  The weather wasn't pretty and covering 150km in 2 days is most definitely a challenge, but it was all worth it to raise funds for Snow-Camp. Another great thing to come out of the challenge being based in Morzine was the donation of a weeks 'chalet host cookery course' worth a whopping £495 per person from a local Morzine company.  We had a chance to bob by and have a chat with JonJo and Jasmine half way through their week to get the low down on the course and their journey with Snow-Camp...

Snow Camp in Morzine this Summer

How did you get involved with Snow-Camp?

JJ - My Uncle knew about Snow-Camp and put me forward for the First Tracks sessions held at Hemel Snow Centre.

J - I watched a presentation at Youth Club about it and also went to the First Tracks sessions at Hemel!  I never would have gone were it not for that as I couldn't afford it.

How did you feel after that First Tracks session?

JJ - I loved Skiing! I never would have had that opportunity without Snow-Camp, I was hooked on skiing!

What came next?

JJ - I took part in the Graduate course which really teaches you how to ski or snowboard across the weekend.  I really loved the way the skiing and life skills sessions allowed me to focus on myself, to forget about being judged and to speak up and follow my path as an individual.

J - I also took part in the Graduate course learning to snowboard and just loved the way Snow-Camp was changing the view I had of myself.  When I had thought before, I can't do that, I might fail... Now I think, I might as well try, why not!

Where about's are you now in the Snow-Camp programme?

JJ - Well after the graduate course i have taken part in the Snow-Camp Italy and Excel courses which means I am now a full qualified BASI level 1 instructor! It means I can help teach the other kids starting out on First Tracks and show them where they could be!  Instead of being on my media course at college, knowing it wasn't right for me but not knowing what to do, things being up in the air, I went to Italy and became a ski instructor and I have never looked back!  After applying and going through the interviews I am now on the Snow-Camp Apprentice Course which means I work Full Time for Snow-Camp, I help teach and am also completing an NVQ.

J - I followed the same path as JonJoe and am also on the Apprenticeship.  If I hadn't have done that I would still be sat behind a computer unhappy! I used to be so shy and I have changed so much since the beginning.  I wouldn't have even had the confidence to talk to you!  You really learn that you have to step out of your comfort zone to find out what you are good at.

Where do you see yourself after the Apprenticeship with Snow-Camp?

JJ - I am going to go for my Level 2 BASI ski instructor qualification in Verbier with the Warren Smith Ski Academy.  That is in January and February 2015.  I want to work my way through to be fully qualified to I can instruct people to ski all over the world.  (If you would like to help JonJoe get to Verbier for his course this winter then check out the crowdfunding page here!)

J - I am not sure yet as I know there are so many opportunites now that I didn't have before.  I am learning all about the chalet roles and the different levels I could be as an instructor so I am not sure whether I would like to pursue being a freestyle coach eventually!

How has the Chalet Host Cookery Course helped you this week?

JJ - I have learnt so much! I didn't know how to cook and it's really opened my eyes as to what I am capable of. It's just given me a new boost of confidence working with new teams here and gaining new friends. (As I came in the apprentices had cooked a HUGE lunch of chilli and garlic bread for everyone else on the course!  Sadly I didn't get to try some due to being a veggie but it looked great!)

J - Without the Alpine Challenge we would not have been here now!

In short, how has Snow-Camp changed your life?

JJ- I am focused now and know the path I am going on!  I have learnt that it's down to me!  I never thought I would be skiing in the Alps!

J - I am not shy anymore and will give things a go as you never know what you are capable of until you try!

It was brilliant chatting to JonJoe and Jasmine, it's great to know that the money raised at all the events that Snow-Camp host and the support offered to them is really being put to good use and can really change the lives of young people for the better!

Some of the creations from the Snow Camp team during their cookery week in Morzine!

If you are interested in the Snow-Camp Alpine Challenge for 2015 then check it out here and don't forget you can book into stay at our Hotel L'aubergade which is the official start and end point of the challenge!