Other activities

For those who do not ski/snowboard or simply do not feel the need to head out on every day of their holiday, there is a whole host of alternative activities, which will still allow you to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is an amazing way to enjoy the mountains and appreciate the nature in a calm and serene way. It also works as a perfect break for your legs from skiing and boarding while still getting out and inhaling the beauty of the area.

Husky Rides

We wholly recommend a husky ride while you are staying in the snow. The traditional cry of ‘moosh moosh’ (derived from the French word ‘marche’ meaning to walk) will only add to the entertainment of gliding along the snow pulled by these beautiful dogs.


Sliding around on a snowmobile on a 20km long private path is the perfect buzz at the end of the day. A must for speed junkies, motor enthusiasts or anyone looking for that something different on their holiday.

Night sledging

If you’re looking to extend your day beyond the opening hours of the lifts, why not head out for some night sledging? It is the perfect group/family activity and gives you the opportunity to witness the beautiful snow by moonlight.


Paragliding has a long history in the area (probably owing to the fact that it was invented nearby in Meiussy). From take-off, it is possible to climb to well over 1000m and it gives a unique and stunning birds-eye view of the world below. What better angle is there to enjoy this beautiful area from?

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