The exotic and compelling land of Vietnam promises to leave all comers enthralled, be it through the mountainous north with its firmly unwesternised way of life, to the flat Mekong river delta of the south, and everything in between.

Enjoy evenings in the cosmopolitan city of Ho Chi Minh sipping delicious cocktails from any number of bars or wandering the French quarter of the capital Hanoi soaking up the charm of the colonial architecture. Spend days out at sea, winding around the otherworldly Karst landscapes of Ha Long Bay, or laid out on a beach in Phu Quoc after a morning spent scuba diving in the mesmerising underwater world.

Learn to make traditional Vietnamese lanterns in the beautiful city of Hoi An and sail down its river at night as the myriad colourful lanterns illuminate its surface, before you depart on your scooter for the stunning mountain vistas of the Hai Van pass. No trip to Vietnam would be complete without experiencing the nation’s sumptuous cuisine, from delicious Pho to fragrant rice paper spring rolls and French-inspired Banh mi to barbecue grilled pork.

Gain insight into the county’s tragic history at the hands of colonialism and more recently, the Vietnam war, by exploring some of the many captivating war museums that navigate through these periods of history and bring Vietnam’s past to life.