Natural beauty, UNESCO-listed sites and culture in abundance, these are some of Cambodia’s most admirable assets. Heir to the Khmer empire, modern-day Cambodia still beholds the echoes of this ancient kingdom in the stunning architecture of its temple complexes, such as the wonderous Angkor Wat, and its Royal Palace in the capital city of Phnom Penh. 

However, there’s more to Cambodia’s charm than its rich past, namely the seemingly unending dense forests in the Cardamom Mountains where exotic species flourish, and the immaculate tropical islands off the west coast such as the renowned Koh Rong and Koh Russei (aka Bamboo Island).

The northern city of Siem Reap retains a small-town feel, with its pleasant waterways and walkable streets, despite being a well-facilitated city. It comes alive at night as the relaxed streets of the daytime transform into bustling corridors of street food vendors and nightlife attractions. Capital Phnom Penh is a sprawling urban metropolis of colourful markets, friendly locals, colonial architecture, engaging museums and solemn reminders of the country’s tumultuous past.