Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong and Macao sit perched on the southern border of mainland China, occupying unique positions in the world, both culturally and geographically. Formerly under the control of Britain and Portugal, respectively, Hong Kong and Macao are now special administrative regions of China and today the eclectic mix of Chinese and foreign cultures in each of these destinations has created distinctive societies in their own right.

The iconic skyline of Hong Kong is recognisable the world over. Its huge skyscrapers pierce the clouds, illuminating after dark to create a magical light show across the harbour. Hong Kong is world renowned as a top shopping destination and a brief walk through one of its high-end shopping centres will see you pass by countless designer brand stores. However, you needn’t venture far to find the other face of Hong Kong’s shopping scene in the local markets peddling authentic Cantonese crafts and handmade suits.

Hong Kong is about much more than skyscrapers and shopping malls though, a point proven by the Outlying Islands and New Territories which serve as a sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city with serene landscapes of mountains and meadows dotted with hidden temples and traditional villages. Hong Kong is also home to the magic and thrills of Disneyland on its Lantau Island, where the Grizzly Gulch rollercoaster and world-class on-stage performances wow thousands of visitors each year.

Found just 40 miles west of Hong Kong, across the South China Sea, Macao is firmly on the map as one of the most vibrant and fascinating destinations in the Far East. With an abundance of historical buildings, a renowned food scene, dazzling nightlife, world-class shopping experience and picturesque countryside, it blends the best of the past with new and exciting tourist attractions.

Nowhere is the amalgamation of colonial and native culture more evident than in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed ‘Historic Centre of Macao’, which comprises over 20 buildings of Portuguese and Chinese origin, from Taoist temples to baroque churches and elegant squares.

Renowned across the region for the quality of its food, Macao is paradise for food lovers, from Michelin-starred restaurants to local street stalls. Visitors can choose between the dim sum of southern China and some of the best Portuguese food outside Portugal.